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Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC Admission Questions

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Is there an airport near the ranch?

Yes:   the nearest airports are in Cody, WY or Billings, MT

Will my son participate in daily prayer?

Yes:  we require all the boys and staff to pray the Liturgy of the Hours in the morning, and a Rosary in the evening, regardless of religious affiliation. Our program is centered upon a belief that daily prayer is the pre-eminent foundation of all human happiness and fulfillment.

Will my son attend Church services?

Yes:  we require that all the young men at Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC attend the weekly Catholic Mass at Our Lady of the Valley parish. Weekday Mass attendance is optional and depends on availability.

What is your religious affiliation?

We are Roman Catholic Christians, and we accept boys of any other creed, color, nationality, or religious background.

What curriculum does Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC recommend?

We recommend that parents enroll their son into the Our Lady of the Rosary home study program. This is a correspondence school that offers complete teacher services, texts, lesson plans, workbooks, tests, grading and full diplomas. We can also accommodate any other pre-arranged curriculum. Consult our “Parent Handbook” for more information.

Do all troubled youth on the ranch attend school?

Not necessarily: Academic enrollment is based on the length of stay and the wishes of each boy’s parent(s).

What is the recommended length of stay at Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC?

We are so confident that we can produce lasting change through our program that we offer a promise; if your son relapses back to his previous behavior within the first 6 months of Graduation, and after a successful 12 months of more in our care, and if the Director determines that he needs more time at Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC, we will take your son back free of charge for 30 days.

How long does it take to process an application?

Usually 3 days to a week–Based on how long it takes to fill out the application, and send your deposit to reserve your son’s space.

When do you take applications?

We process applications year round.

What type of boys come to Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC?

To ensure that our Bunkhouse is a safe environment for your son, we do not accept boys who are a danger to themselves, others, our livestock or our property. We determine the eligibility of each child who comes to our ranch during the initial phone interview, at which time we review the boy’s behavioral history and his mental disposition.

What ages of troubled boys does your program accept?

Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC serves young men between the ages of 10-17.

What are the requirements for admission to Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC?

Initial phone interview. Completed application. Admission fee, and first month payment given upon arrival.

What is NOT included?

Health care insurance and medical needs. Individual educational plan related costs. Academic tuition and books.

What is the program cost?

Admissions Fee of $2850. Monthly Program Fee: $5,800 per month; however, tuition is subject to change based on an individual’s needs and situation, reviewed on a case by case basis.

At Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC, we believe that healing happens through patience, cultivating change, and the love of Christ. At Triangle, your teen will have continuous opportunities to manage their emotions in a healthy manner, learn personal responsibility, and learn to care for themselves once more. We believe that every young man deserves a chance to heal their mental and emotional wounds in a safe and challenging space.

Of course, realizing that your child may be in need of our help is the first step to changing their life for the better. As no journey to a happier and healthier life is the same—without a clear cut “start-time”—applications and enrollment are accepted year-round. Instead of waiting to seek help, we’re here the moment you need us. We serve boys who have:

  • A history of mild to moderate emotional issues
  • Behavioral issues due to mental and emotional problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • Continually show defiance at home, in school, or in their community
  • Underachieved academically
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Family conflict

The Steps to Program Acceptance & Admission

Acceptance into our program is based on a combination of behavioral review and consultation with a potential student’s parent(s), guardian, or sponsor. Our program is specifically geared to assist struggling teenage boys (ages 10-17) to create a chance for a successful future, teaching them valuable skills, morals, and ethics that are necessary to find a healthy place in the real world.

General Evaluation

With every potential student, acceptance into our program is offered after we’ve reviewed and evaluated the current and past history of behavior. We want to make sure that our ranch is a safe place for your son and will continue to be a safe space for the current teens in our care. We’ll need your help to make certain that your son is a good fit within our program and amongst others currently working in our program. 

If you’re ready to take this first step to evaluation, please fill out the admissions form, answering honestly about family history and your child’s ongoing behavior. This form will work as a “pre-interview” of sorts, helping every party decide if our program is the right fit at this stage in their adolescence. 

Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch Admissions Form

Contacting a Counselor

After you’ve determined your son is a good fit for Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC and filled out the initial form, you’ll need to speak with an admissions counselor to perform a phone interview. It’s at this point that we further review your son’s history and can personally answer any questions you may have about our approach and our property. If desired, you are welcome to set up a ranch tour with an admissions counselor to help you understand where your son may be staying and what their daily life might look like. 

At this point, we can also help you determine whether or not your insurance will cover the cost of treatment, and if not, we can offer financing suggestions if needed. This will help you understand your potential monthly out-of-pocket expenses for the duration of treatment.

Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch Admissions FAQs

The Enrollment Packet & Travel

After you’ve talked to an admissions counselor, they’ll be able to send you an official enrollment packet, which you can complete and return in your own time. After your son’s packet has been returned, you can choose to make transportation arrangements to Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC. We always recommend accompanying your child or making transport arrangements with our transportation services for an additional fee.

Enrollment & Behavioral Evaluation

Once your son arrives at the ranch, we’ll ensure that all necessary paperwork has been completed and enrollment details are entered. From here, your son will be scheduled for an educational and therapeutic evaluation.

Is Now the Right Time?


If your son has begun to display characteristics that are unlike himself, dangerous, or uncontrolled, Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch, LLC can help. We understand that, to some degree, every teenage boy will struggle or falter in their adolescence. However, we understand how distressing it can be to feel as though you’ve lost your child completely. Don’t wait until it’s too late for your teen. Our Catholic therapeutic treatment program may be the answer. If you’d like to learn more about admissions or how our program can benefit your child, speak to a counselor today. If they’ve lost their way, we can help your son find a better path.