The Troubles Young Boys Face Today

Young men are struggling in today’s world. With a culture that promotes a lack of direction, common decency, and perpetuates the wrong idea of masculine identity, teenage boys are becoming increasingly overwhelmed in their communities and within their own homes. Our modern society carries so much hope, but with it, it also carries an overwhelming amount of troubles for the young male nature.

Mental and Spiritual Health is Under Attack

With lives life almost entirely in a virtual setting, with schools that allow underachievement and communities that expect a young man to underperform, it can be difficult for a teenager to find his path to an ideal future. With teens becoming more and more passive in their own lives, how can your child create the foundation for a happier life? There is a solution, a better direction, a greater impact of virtue, and it may start with a Catholic boarding school.

Why Boarding School?

Of course, any parent should ask themselves: what makes schooling away from home, or boarding school good for your teen?

At this stage in a young man’s life, everything, positive and negative, makes an impression. If a teen isn’t succeeding in his current situation, a change of pace and a more enriching educational culture might be what they need. Some parents see the idea of boarding school as a child to escape their problems, but we see it as future good. We see education outside of their traditional setting not as simple a retreat, but a pilgrimage. By sharing experiences with other young men who are struggling, they have a chance to reconcile poor experiences and strive for better.

Fighting against the ailments of boyhood in society today, a boarding school can create a healthier culture, while educating. Of course, a boarding school could never, and should never substitute parents as a primary source of education, however, learning and developing away from an environment that a child isn’t currently flourishing in can be a complement rather than a replacement. Without the distraction of the opposite sex, technology, and mass media, boys are able to develop healthy habits and progress in their studies in a focused manner.

What M akes a Good Boarding School?

Not every boarding school is alike, however. If you’re considering sending your son to continue his education outside of a traditional setting, be careful to find a school that carries the same standards and morals that you practice within your home.

A good boarding school is steeped in tradition. With a world that seems keen on banishing tradition, ethics, and authority, we work to keep those elements alive. We help our students lead a better life, helping them fight the oppressions of mediocrity, disrespectful natures, and apathy. By creating a school that focuses on Catholic morals and intellectual tradition, we can save young men from a lesser life. By implementing traditional studies with the traditions of religion, we can implement greater mental health, restore spiritualism, and create a love for education. Can your teenage boy benefit from boarding school? We believe it can. And so to do the boys that have been in our care over the years.