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Our Mission

Our Mission

“Healing the Wounded Youth of Today’s Culture with the Love of Christ.”

Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch is a program for troubled young men owned and operated by a devout Catholic family. We pride ourselves on creating and using an authentic cowboy experience as a means to heal mentally and emotionally troubled and wounded youth, reinstalling them with Christlike love.

There’s Always a New Beginning

Every young man’s journey is different, but every journey involves a deeper knowledge and understanding of their developing personality. In turn, every journey ends with a boy being able to acknowledge and understand:

  • Dignity
  • Essence of character
  • Spiritual love
  • Personal insight and responsibility

From the moment your son becomes a part of our program to the day they leave, they’ll carry the memory of the start of their journey forever. No matter the trouble hindering the mental and physical health of a young man, every person deserves a new beginning, regardless of how rocky that fresh start may be. Although healing their internal struggles greatly comes down to the young man himself, our program involves living, working, praying, and overcoming obstacles together as a team. Every child reacts to the beginning to their fresh start different, and while some are willing to make immediate changes and accept personal adjustments, others may not 

Catholic Cowboy Principles

Through our family environment and practicing the cowboy principles, we help rebuild the moral conscience of the boys in our care; enabling them to find the light of Christ and regain stability in their lives. By centering their moral compass, a source of strength and illumination will thrive within them. The young men that come to us for care are oftentimes angry, frightened, and confused. It may be because they’re spiritually deprived or lack the guidance they need to right themselves in this world. We believe that the activities of our program will help educate the mind, strengthen the body, and elevate the spirit of your loved one.

A Life-Changing Experience

Your teen is not the only one struggling. His attitude and actions may have affected you as a parent, or your family as a whole. Through our program, your teen will learn to handle the difficulties that life can bring, learn to be responsible for oneself and others in their care, and learn the “simple” way of life. We’ll teach your son:

  • Ranch management
  • Horsemanship
  • Outdoorsmanship 

By changing his current lifestyle your son will go through “real life” therapy. Over time, your child will develop a healthy relationship with their new environment, and become knowledgeable of the once foreign atmosphere. Through participation and self-motivation, they’ll further uncover their inner strengths and weaknesses. The goal is not only to help them deal with issues and stresses in a healthy and appropriate manner once they leave us but to help them recognize their personal responsibilities in life. 

Our program is not without its trials. Ranch life may be simple, but it’s never easy. It is, however, the sort of life that fosters personal growth and maturity through its challenging experiences.

Developing Appreciation

boys ranch for troubled boysOur program is located on a remote, rural ranch in Wyoming. Our back-to-basics, frontier-style buildings don’t contain any frills. If you want your son to appreciate what you provide for him, and not take his opportunities for granted, our ranch is a great place to help him find that appreciation. It’s in our ability to be humble and release our gratitude for this life that helps us to journey through it. The young men that engage in our program leave with a deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, and the work ethic that will help them become successful in all areas of their lives as they transition into adulthood.

Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch Guarantee

We guarantee the success of our long-term programs for troubled teens. If your at-risk teen should have a relapse after completing the Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch 18-month, long-term program, we will accept your child back for a period of 3 months free of charge.

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If your son attends our program, you too will see just how great the impact of hard work and spiritual development can have. We have faith that our program will reshape your teen in a positive way. If you have a loved one or child who is at-risk or is showing signs of emotional distress, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our caring staff is happy to answer any questions you might have about the program and our facilities. Call today and see if Sunlight Mountain Cattle Ranch is right for your child.